Sunday, February 11, 2007

WooHoo!!! I'm Back Into Blogging!

I spent a weekend with 19 ebay auctions ending Saturday night, and a birthday party to host Saturday afternoon for my 94-year-old MIL at the nursing home on the same day. I announced to all my Yahoo Groups that I was going "No Mail" on Thursday so I could get some blog researching done and get a new blog up I could live with. Yesterday, I had to get auction items addressed and ready to go for my first run to the post office run later today. PayPal payments and money orders will be trickling in for the unpaid ones, which means continued runs to the post office as the week wears on. I listed more stuff today, but this eBaying is a LOT of work! Keeping everything straight is the worst part. I learned this last time not to list so many items at one time. I listed half the amount this time as last.

I'm so happy to have a nice blog I can live with. I tried using Beta Bloggers' format, but I ended up just using another template and using HTML to adapt to suit myself. I just wasn't happy with the other. It takes longer using my brains, but it's more satisfying to make it all mine. I still have a lot to add and subtract and some fine tuning to do, but the basics are here to blog away. I have pix to add of the party of poor old MIL. Every day is a miracle for her. She's just clinging to life, and the party about knocked her for a loop. She's a little heap today.

I need to get pix of my WIPs too, but here I am just adding a post in the wee hours after finishing some eBay business. I feel as though I've had my butt glued to this chair for days, other than the party for MIL. Wait till you see my butt glued to the chair feeding my face at the party. I have some other family pix to post that I think are good, but my mug looks like a horse face with a chin that could hit the floor if I wasn't careful. Kinda like John Kerry with Botox gone awry. Sad, but true.... when I was young and thin, I was photogenic. Now that I'm old, fat from eating more during 12 years on prednisone, and disease-riddled, I'm not just not photogenic---there is no such thing as a good picture of me. Such is life, and it is passing me by, but I'm still having a good time of it!

It's good to be back, and once I get some rest, I'll be posting away! Just wanted to throw in my hat!


Heidi said...

well, let me just say welcome back! Looking forward to see all those WIP's. :o)

Von said...

Glad you're back among us bloggers again!! Your new template looks great. :D

My DH did some ebaying a couple of years ago - and it is indeed a lot of work.

Meari said...

Your new "look" is great, Nancy. I agree with you on the ebay stuff... It IS hard work. I don't list too many at one time either cuz it's too difficult to keep track of!

~Kim~ said...

I give you credit for doing all those auctions at once, and then dealing with the payments, my needle is off to you! Oh.. what is your ebay username so I can take a peek as to what you have to offer.

Love the new look of your blog. :)