Wednesday, April 11, 2007


After her soccer game, which was so cold and windy, I thought everyone there was going to freeze, including me, who is always hot and sweaty, I said to Moriah and her best friend, "Let's go eat at Cracker Barrel." Moriah had scored a goal and they won yet again (no losses yet), so the girls were happy but hungry. I had to go all day Thursday with nothing but clear liquids before my colonoscopy the next day and had to drink a gallon of the miserable prep liquid called "MoviPrep." It moves you alright.... holy cow!!!

I ate till I nearly popped, and I could sense a change in Moriah's mood. She started acting tired and grouchy, snapping at me now & then. At first, I thought she was being cute for her friend, Kylie. You know, it's just not cool to show your love for G'ma, or maybe it was something else. I knew something was about to change.

Vanessa had been talking to Moriah's daddy, telling him things were going to have to change. He said he would just leave Moriah and her rules up to Vanessa, which I thought was a good idea. When we got home from Cracker Barrel, I got a text message from Vanessa telling me Moriah had texted her and said she was coming home. Vanessa was extremely nervous, as she felt like she needed more time to talk to Craig, my son-in-law. But Moriah was ready to go home; said she missed her room, her kitty, and her mom. So she and Kylie went to take Moriah's car home and bring Kylie's back. Kylie's car has more room, 4 doors, and is easier to pack up.

I was not prepared. I cried, but I told her I was glad she wanted to go home because that is the normal, natural thing for her to want to be home. I just told her to please hold onto the things I'd talked with her about. To tell you the truth, I was devastated.

Kylie came with her car, and together, the two of them packed up everything she had and after many tears and hugs, they drove away. It's not like I can't see her any time I want, but it was just that there was this big empty house, and I felt something of myself and all the energy I had was leaving for a new adventure. I prayed when I shut the garage door that all would work out. I cried till I was sick.

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Meari said...

Awww... Nancy, you poor thing. You did a good thing, though. Moriah will always remember how you reached out to her.