Friday, November 02, 2007

Another Couple of Retreat Pix AND My Doorprize!

I realize these aren't the clearest pix I've ever taken, but you can at least get the idea. This picture is at the hotel's breakfast room, and just a few of us were still lingering at the time, but there was always some coming and going. This was the beginning of our day before going to Shirley's. One of the girls, Dee, had a monochromatic (all red) antique reindeer sampler-type finish the night before this. After showing it off and doing her happy dance, she went back to her room, so she isn't present here either. She stitched into the night, long after our P.J. Stitch-In broke up.

The faceless one at left edge is Donna. She and I split a big piece of fabric from Picture This Plus, then everyone was wanting some of it. I was smug and gloating that we got it all while everyone drooled over it. Pix of that another time. Next after Donna is Peggy, then Faith, and Barb, whose hand-made items, like Q-Snap covers and tuck-a-ways, I must order! The Q-Snap covers are wonderful and very reasonable. On the right wall is part of My Big Toe Designs' trunk show. The girls all really took to these designs, and I bought my share as well (later picture). I already knew I liked her designs, but to some of the gals, these were new.

Holy cow, I won JBW's doorprize in the Online Needlework Show! I have several of Judy's designs, mostly her monochromatic French designs, so it was wonderful to get these that I didn't have. I was so excited when this package came in the mail. She's a very nice gal. I told her I never win anything, but come to think of it, I have won a few things in my life. This was a lovely surprise!


Shelleen said...

Looks like you had a great time. Congrats on the win.

Sally said...

Congratulations on winning the door prize!

Love the pictures:)

Dianne said...

Good times! Congrats on the door prize win too.