Sunday, November 25, 2007

Haven't Been Good About Blogging, But....

I'm working on cataloguing stash I've acquired the last few months, and I'm going to try to get pix of it as I file it away after putting it into my Stash Can program. I'd like to get it all inventoried and stashed away before the 1st of the new year. A little better organizational skills would help me with getting more done this year. I've had too many health problems to do things right this year. Looking forward to a healthier 2008.

I have several things I'm getting stressed about doing, such as gifts and exchanges, and I also wanted to join a SAL of Country Cottage Needleworks' "Gingerbread Cottage" on my Little Works, Country Cottage Needleworks Yahoo group. However, I do have till January 15 to finish Gingerbread Cottage, so I guess I shouldn't stress so.

This is a bad picture of my project with the DMC and Crescent Colours. I've done a little stitching on it, but I'm still working on several other things at once. For some reason, taking pix seems to take a bit of effort I have trouble working in, but I'll try harder in the days to come.


monique said...

Good luck on your organization... I wish I could manage to do that :)

Von said...

Going through all your stash sounds like such a good time! When you've finished organizing I wonder what projects will pull at your heartstrings. Seems my plans always change once I've gone through mine. :D