Thursday, November 29, 2007

Got A Lot Done Today, So Tomorrow, I Stitch!

I got so much done before Sheila got here, I made her able to tear through here like a white tornado. With all the cleaning and organizing in my sewing room, I'm going to be very pleased to spend time in there when it's done, and it's going to be easy to locate what I need. My Stash Can program is filling up, but it's about as much fun inventorying as fondling (I guess I do both at the same sitting). Shelia is even venturing in there with the sweeper and dust rag now when I get done a bit more each time she's here. It's beginning to look like a work area rather than a pile-up of crap. I'm able to use my sewing machine and serger, but the sewing machine needs to be worked on, then I'll be set.

I received a big box of my framed items I left at Shirley's Retreat last October. She not only has the shop, but she does custom framing as well. One of the girls I went with (a very good friend) told me not to be surprised if they just take off and run with it, then if we don't like it, we just send it back for them to send scans or pix of changes we'd like. She does framing so much cheaper, I decided I had nothing to lose. I was very pleased with what they did, with the exception of one, which I think I can live with. It's a little crooked, but I don't know if I wanna mess with the sending it back, etc. I liked their ideas and materials they used. I'll get some pix of my framed pictures maybe tomorrow and see what you think. I probably wouldn't have done anything quite so fancy with the Bent Creek dancing bugs, but they really do look cute! Cheap too!

With all the work I did on the house today, I only got about an hour's stitching in on a piece for my DD, and I went to my LNS and got the frame ordered so it will be done for her for Christmas. The design just calls her name. I tried stitching on it, but my youngest kitty decided to make my lap her playground and kept catching the thread in her mouth underneath the fabric. I just had to put it away and did some more filing and snapping shots of stash in my sewing room instead. Every minute I spend makes the next time a bit easier. One of the pix is of a late summer grab bag contents from Shirley's Country Cottage, and the other was an order from Stitching Bits & Bobs about the same time. I don't spend much on my stash---always on sale, grab bags, trades, clearance bins, etc. An exampler are the little leaflets that were $1.88 each at SB&B. Caron is discontinuing their Watercolour line, so I bought a few skeins to add to what I presently have.


Sally said...

Wow, Nancy, you have certainly been busy lately! I love your WIP of Acorns. It's an adorable design.

Von said...

You're really whipping your stitching stash/room into shape, Nancy!! :D