Monday, November 26, 2007

Got Some Stitching Done And Quite A Few Other Things...

plus some stash organizing. I came up with a few pix that I actually made the time to do, and one was so interesting, I had to share.

As I've been unearthing piles of grab bag stash and trades, etc., I found a very sweet Thanksgiving design by Ladybug Lane Designs. It has her trademark ladybug button attached, and mind you, I was sitting in my basement with the fireplace going (it's been cold, and dreary here most of this month), and here comes a little whisper from above, which could only be a little sign from the Almighty or from my dear, departed Tiffany, on whose 41st birthday was that very day, November 18. I can't even believe the name of the design, which is "Family Blessing." It startled and shook me to my core when, out of nowhere, this very real ladybug landed on the graph when I opened the leaflet to see the chart. I couldn't believe I got a snap of it before the little ladybug flew away, never to be seen again.

Then, I've recently bought some very nice stash and seasonal signs, already stitched by my hometown friend, Susie Q, on eBay, and the Pine Mountain pillow kits speak for themselves (such nice kits at a great prices), but I have a special idea to add to her seasonal signs to make a personal touch for myself.

One more thing I'll add for today is the fabric I ordered from my LNS here in town. I had already put my pix of stash I bought at the stitching retreat I went to in October, but there was one sampler in particular I loved, and though the colors were totally unlikely to go totether had I not seen it hanging in My Big Toe's trunk show at our retreat, but Iwas besotten with the model done on the wall and the antique look to it. I ordered the weird Spring Meadow Green linen from my LNS, and here, with the GAST threads called for---3 Soot and 1 Currant (weird combo, but lovely done up), is the pic of all together, and it still doesn't show the true beauty. I guess I'll just have to do it in 2008. I'm getting some ideas of what is going on my 2008 goal list. I still want to do tons of my older stash too. Ohhh, what to do, what to do????? There is also a piece of what has become my all-time favorite color of linen, Lambswool, for a Prairie Schooler sampler and one of the newer Prairie Schooler design leaflets, "Pumpkin Patch," which I picked up at my LNS at the same time my fabric came in. Can't get out of there without spending more than what I had intended.

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