Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Forgive Me My Stitching Transgressions

More dumb thoughts for today:

May the angels of cross stitch who hover around me forgive me my transgressions of greed or wishful thinking in my finishing abilities in this fleeting lifetime with the ever-growing piles of threads, fabrics and charts. May the angels also forgive and comfort me in my weakness with the growing list of groups I feel compelled to join and participate in. May they kick me in the butt to get my chores done before sitting down to stitch.

May the big stick Anne S mentioned and BeckySC affirmed in my last post's comments come down upon me and knock in some common sense. May my pile shrink with time instead of grow higher when my guardian angel of cross stitch whispers "you don't need it" into my ear. May I find the strength from within to call a spade a spade and a WISP a UFO after several years in denial.

But most important of all, may I have the courage to reach deep down inside myself and list my UFO's in my sidebar.


Kim said...

I think the Angels can forgive you, but can you forgive yourself? ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Carol said...

Funny :-) I am glad you joined the Mirabilia SAL... if you don't list your UFOs in your sidebar, I will happily join you in not listing mine in my sidebar either - deal?? I am quite sure the angels have forgiven you :-)

AnneS said...

I think my stitching guardian angel has given up on me as a lost cause, or is a very mischievous angel ... I'm actually sure it was HER that whispered in my ear the other day that I needed more stash not an iron with my Xmas money LOL. Have to say, Nancy, your post today absolutely cracked me up - just beautiful ... put a huge smile on my face very early today :)) {hugs}

Lelia said...

LOL. The stitching angels will continue to hover + enjoy whatever you stitch : )