Wednesday, December 28, 2005

UFO Progress and Stitching Bloggers' Question

December 27 was my UFO stitching day on the Friends Gather BB. Here is the before and after scan of a freebie panda by Karen Couchman of Couchman Creations of Australia, one of my favorite design companies, of which I have several of her autographed designs of native critters. I'm getting close to choosing my next-in-line UFO's to stitch. This is a very exciting venture for me!
BTW, if you read about my sick blog that puked, I gave it a little TLC, and it got over the vomiting.

How do you balance your stitching time with your other obligations such as work, household chores, etc.?
I've never claimed to be a good time manager, but I'm getting plenty of motivation from my stitching bloggers' ideas to help me turn over a new leaf. I don't like resolutions, as I always break them. I'm really working on goals, and this balance of chores and stitching time is an important one for me for 2006.


Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Well Nancy, I finally found the time to read your blog. And what a treat it was! I'm looking forward to watching your shrinking pile of UFOs on the BB.


AnneS said...

Your panda is too cute! And you're so right about blogging and the internet friends you make ... they're very supportive and enthusiastic about your stitching - it helps to keep your motivation high and your spirits maintained :)) Your finished gifts look beautiful - it's nice to see the how you've finished them both off, after seeing the happy dances on both of them :)