Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'm So Disappointed

I received notification from Silkweaver that there would be no shipment for their "Stash of the Month" subscribers. They're still waiting on things they ordered for that shipment. I soooo look forward to that little "lift" every month.

It snowed in the night, and it's still spitting a bit today. The ground is so cold, it's actually sticking, and it's beautiful. Very festive!

I'm cleaning my entire downstairs today, then picking up grandkids from school but hope to get some stitching done later this evening. We're getting down to the wire for Christmas stitching, especially if it needs to be framed. Yikes!

I have to take some pix of the stash I just received, and I'll get it posted tomorrow.


Shelleen said...

it is cold and snowy here as well. I am sorry about your stash package. Will you get it next month?

BeckySC said...

Hmmm, I didn't get an e-mail notice about that...

Loved your goodies from your group :) Stash is always the right choice :)