Monday, December 19, 2005

Just Thoughts As the Day Nears

No pix today; only thoughts, more for myself than anyone. I'm not stingy though. You can eavesdrop ;-). I talk to myself at home anyway.

Don't know why, but as Christmas nears, I always start reflecting on the year past and what high hopes I have for the next year. I've taken stock of all the stitching projects I've lain aside because I wanted to be sure I hadn't signed up for more than I could handle on BeckySC's Friends Gather board and my two most active Yahoo Groups, one unlisted and one owned by Shelleen, Faith, and me---Stitching Sisters. Holy cow! I counted up 18 projects, and I hate to use the acronym, but unfortunately, they've become the dreaded UFO's. The trick was to fit them into my sign-ups for the coming year on my groups. I believe that after being really careful, I have incorporated 4 into my SAL's, and I've added 2 new SAL's for interest. They were already in my stash, so no worries. I may add another to make it an uneven 7 to rotate.

What I'd like to do is figure out how to put them into my sidebar in a clever way, list all my UFO's in another clever way and show my progress in yet another clever way, the latter of which could be just a post with a pic, I guess. But I do love the bells and whistles of blogs I see around, LOL!

Don't wanna make this too long. Just a few thoughts and dreams I thought I'd pass by those of you who read this.


AnneS said...

I'm thinking along your lines too, Nancy ... thinking I've bitten off more than I can chew next year with SAL's etc - oh well, at least no-one's gonna come round with a big stick and beat us if we don't managed to keep up or meet those deadlines ;) I planned my rotation to do the same as you - give me some time to do 'new' things (mainly smalls), as well as get rid of a couple of those BAP UFO's ... I've decided I LOVE rotations :)) Look forward to seeing your sidebar lists etc ;)

Shelleen said...

I am hoping that I can have this model piece done by the time the new SALs start and still be able to stitch on my UFOs and WIPs. You should see my stitching schedule, which I am thinking of posting on my blog. Everyone will laugh at me as well LOL.

Dianne said...

Hey Nancy,
Mindy has those percentage bars on her blog,so maybe she could do the html for you to cut and paste into your blog. I have no idea how to do them, plus I won't let myself have more than 5 projects (that I can think of) going at a time.

BeckySC said...

Hi my friend :)
Relax and enjoy :) :) :)
No pressures and no's all fun :)

If I don't see some relaxing...I may have to invest in that BIG stick Anne memtioned...ROFL!!!!

I hope you know I am playing :)