Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Stitching Bloggers' Question of the Week

Have you done any charity stitching, been in one, or would like to organize one?
No, I'm sorry to say that I'm such a slow stitcher, it takes all my time just doing things for my family. I've just never had the inclination to do anything for those I don't know. I know---not a very charitable person.

I was pleased with Tuesday's weigh-in with Weight Watchers since I hadn't been there for 3 weeks, ate like a pig Thanksgiving and didn't too bad afterwards either. I had a big mug of coffee before the meeting, which I never do. Not even a sip of water, usually, and gave into the deep freeze temps we're having in the Midwest and wore my jeans and thermal top---plus my jewelry, which I nearly always take off. Hey, it weighs something! I still lost and was extremely pleased. Here's my weight ticker:

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Shelleen said...

I am so thrilled for your weight loss. You keep it up girl!!!