Saturday, December 10, 2005

Shopping Nearly Done

Well, the day is nearly upon us, and ahead looms a brand new year... fresh start.... time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. I followed in the steps of a long-time stitching, blogging friend of mine and yours, Shelleen, who said that since BeckySC started her new BB, Friends Gather (which is just wonderful, BTW, if you haven't already applied for membership), she wrote down all the SAL's and sign-ups she'd committed to and all the things she was already working on. I think she has squeezed in as many things as her little fingers can stitch. I wrote down all my UFO's, formerly bragging that mine were paltry compared to many's, but as I went through all my project bags, I was surprised at all the things I had forgotten I started. I was appalled to count 18 things to be finished before I start another thing, and yet I have committed to more. However, I'm not completely daft... I'm fitting several of my ongoing WIP's into some of the categories on Friends Gather; therefore, killing two birds with the proverbial stone.

This year, there will be no resolutions made. My only resolution is to have fun and stitch whatever is calling to me; also get some long-standing UFO's into a rotation.

We're finishing up with a few more gifts to buy tomorrow and Monday (Richard has been a big help to me by being off for a week), then the shopping is over. I have a couple more posts with some pix in the next day or two of some things I've received lately. Just have to get my camera back.

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BeckySC said...

Good luck with everything you want to get done next year...BUT, you are allowed no stress over anything to do with stitching or the FGBB ...I need you to remind me of that from time to time as well :) LOL!

Thanks for the comment about the BB-it's great to have both the SBEBB and the FGBB going. I missed having a BB when I had to go offline :) It's a GREAT group I have on board at both BB's :) I couldn't be more pleased :)

hugs & love!