Friday, April 14, 2006

Bunny Ready For Backstitch

This is not my bunny ready for backstitch, but more stash that I wanted to get in. The lovely hardback book of flowers, the wide, bordered ribbon at the top of pic, and the 3 cards of hand-dyed floss is my last Stash of the Month from Silkweaver, which, in their big moving and changing plans, they have done away with. I'm not very happy with the changes resulting from their move and any of their options left to me (have done many of them already), so I guess I'll just drop out and try an auto shipment at an ONS. Next to the flower book is a Just Nan Whimzi Seasonals - "Snow Faces," and the last two on the right are the 1st two "Dear Diary" releases by Little House Needleworks, and I dearly love them! I have plans very soon for these and have my own ideas.
I broke my leg Feb. 15, and for the first two weeks, everyone was very good about helping keeping my housework up. But the burden of taking care of their own families and making sure I had meals and my mail and newspaper brought in and coffee made in the morning with my breakfast made, garbage taken out for collection, container brought back into garage, etc. got to be too much to keep up the regular housework. After my nice long 12-hour-sleep last night, I felt like doing what needed to be done most. I paced myself by doing about 15 minutes of work, then sitting down to stitch with my leg up in my recliner. At the time of my accident, I had my house decorated for winter, so I walked around my house, gathering up the winter decor and putting it in bags to have DH take it back to the basement shelves. I also got my wood floors, kitchen, and bathroom floors cleaned, and the worst of the worst, all 3 of our toilets and the shower in our bath (the other two are rarely used). These things sparkle once again, and I don't gag when the cats get their heads in the toilets, but it was all I could handle for one day. I'll finish the rest of the 3 baths tomorrow, but the big part is over. I may dust and vacuum one or two of our most-used rooms, but I'll see what tomorrow holds and how my leg is. I got by very well today, and it was gratifying to get the worst cleaning and even some stitching done, as I rested my leg. It's a wonderful feeling to get my normal life back and not be at someone else's mercy.


Isabelle said...

Nancy, those are great news. Your new stash is fab - and it must feel grand to be able to be self-sufficient once again! Kudoes on the huge housework :)

Are you going to decorate your house for Spring now? If you do, you'll have to share some pics with us you know! ;)

I do hope your Dad will feel better soon.

AnneS said...

Ooh, yummy looking stash - I wanna come play with it! :D Have to admit, I was really disappointed with SW's decision, but it opens up new avenues for me - I'm going to start getting SB&B threads every month instead, and just splurge on a hand-dyed fabbie when the need arises. Great news that you're getting more self-sufficient ... if you want more of a workout, my bathroom needs cleaning too - but the shower's all sparkly, it's just the rest that needs it ;P LOL.

StitchCat said...

Lovely stash. The 'Dear Diarys' are cute. Went to the Little House Needlework website and there are some lovely patterns. Especially love the sheep Lavender Hill. Very cute.

Von said...

Congrats on getting some housework done on your own! A couple of Saturdays ago I tried the work then stitch routine and really got lots of cleaning and stitching done!
Very nice stash too, Nancy!

Dianne said...

You are getting better cause you want to clean. I can tell when my mom feels better too as she is goes through sorting and hauling stuff to the Goodwill.