Saturday, April 15, 2006

So Much For Backstitching Plans

I was so far behind in reading posts on my Yahoo Groups, it took me nearly all day, with a few chores mixed. in to catch up. I fully intended to sit down and do all the backstitch on my spring bunny, but as the day wore on, my throat was getting scratchy, and I was sneezing and blowing my nose. What's with getting colds when the weather is downright hot outside???

Anyway, after blowing my nose till it was sore, I lay back all the way in my recliner, and darned if my stomach didn't start gurgling. I had pulled out bunny, but it went right back in its resting place the first time I made a beeline for the bathroom. I'm ruuning at both ends (TMI?), and bunny will have to wait till tomorrow after we get back from my daughter's to give them their Easter surprises. At tke grandkids' ages now, they want the good stuff ... no more candy for them, and I used to think the baskets with candy were expensive! Well, forget that!

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend, no matter if you celebrate Easter or just being alive!


AnneS said...

Oh no, you poor thing - if it's not one thing, it's another ... your poor body must be worn out by now! Hope you manage to survive the rest of Easter with ease :)

Dianne said...

Bummer about the cold. I am surprised I haven't gotten one with the stress from this remodeling job. I can relate to tummy issues. The cabinets are piled high in the house and I started to have an all morning tummy attack. I've eaten 2 activia yogurts already. Maybe you should try it too. It seems to help settle your gut.

Kim said...

Hope you are feeling better! Sounds like all your stresses caught up with you. Feel better soon!

StitchCat said...

LOL Nancy...I had a chuckle over Diannes first word...bummer!!!! With both ends running, I reakon 'bummer' was understated for one of them.