Friday, April 28, 2006

More Bits of Stash

This was also from my broken leg days. It would be embarrassing to post it all at one time, so I've held back some. All was 25% off except for the Waterlillies, which was 40% off. Starting at upper left is a needle organizer, a Waxing Moon "Slice of Summer" kit, with contents laid out below the chart, then back up on upper right is The Sweetheart Tree's "Catnip Kitty Fob." Lower left, two Waterlillies, pack of Piecemakers needles, contents of WM kit, and Heart in Hand's "Snow."


Von said...

Wow! 40% off Waterlilies!
Enjoy your new stash. :D

Judith said...

That is some nice stash Nancy.