Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mostly Samplers

I don't know why I did so, but when you can't do anything else, and the days when you think you'll stitch up a storm cuz you can't do anything else, I decided to sign up for a couple more SALs. While getting the charts for those, I saw a few others that caught my eye. Imagine that! I still have more broken leg stash to show---mostly fabric and fibers for the samplers, but my camera's acting stupid, so I put it to bed for the night.

Not too long ago, Carol said she was going on a stash diet, and I swear, her stash started increasing tenfold. I said something about her stash diet, and she said "diet, schmiet," or something like that. Cracked me up! I'm serious though; once my last order gets here, I truly am going on a stash diet. Our income is going down a bit, and we have more bills to pay than ever because of some have-to big ticket items we weren't expecting. Besides that, who the hell is going to stitch all this crap???

We had a lovely Easter. Our grandkids (we thought) are just too old for Easter baskets, so, for the last few years, we just gave them cute cards with money so they can buy what they want. Well, our oldest was making paper eggs yesterday and sending the family out in the yard to hunt them. I talked to her dad and told him we were on our way with the cards and money, and my husband said, "Just for the hell of it, let's buy them some of those cheapie baskets already made up at Walmart---the ones with the baby toys." I started laughing, but he was serious---couldn't wait to see their faces. He also bought some of the good stuff too---Dove eggs, Snicker eggs, Cadbury, etc. He dropped more on Easter junk than I would have on stash. In fact, if it wouldn't have got me in trouble, I would have said, "There goes my stash money!" Anyway, it was worth every cent. They had a blast, and so did we! I'm so crazy about those kids. They really are fun kids, and they think we're fun too!


StitchCat said...

Its great you had a wonderful time at Easter Nancy. Wow you really had a stash blast with that broken leg of yours LOL.

Von said...

I really need to stitch from my stash for awhile too, Nancy! I may need to buy some fibers or linen, but certainly no more designs, lol!
Glad you had so much fun with your grandkids! They bring out the fun in us! :D