Tuesday, April 11, 2006

On the Eve of

hoping to lose a ball & chain in the form of a cumbersome walking cast and crutches, I ponder on just how I went wrong. My mother, the stick, who fights to keep enough weight on, told me in the beginning when I had my lime green cast with sparkles, that I would lose weight with all my problems. I avoided fruits and veggies, as I was afraid of a tendency toward diarrhea, and I would never make it to the pot on time. I just knew my metabolism was working overtime trying to mend my broken leg and heal my illnesses at the same time. My face has rounded out even more than it was, and my jeans are so tight that that when I get them buttoned, a new roll encircles my middle like a blow-up water floatie. D'ya suppose it was the McDonald's sausage biscuits and hash browns for breakfast, the whole can of Campbell's Chicken & Dumplings soup (so thick you could eat it with a fork, but use a spoon to get every drop) and pickle loaf with pepper jack cheese sandwich at lunch, and the thick crust DiGiorno pizza at dinner, topped off with half a carton of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream just before bedtime? Would that have done it?

I have no self control. I'm wanting to start the Snow Princess by Joan Elliott (love her designs) that
San did, and I've already pulled the floss and have been tossing it---think I found the fabric I'll use. Trouble is, I thought of all the things I should have been stitching the last couple of days and couldn't bring myself to put it one stitch in any of 'em. I don't even wanna count how many are awaiting my needle. I'll go back to work on the spring bunny tomorrow.... I guess....sigh.....

Moriah won her game again today, and we came home, ate, and I've already had my 1/2 pint of ice cream. I'm sated, but didn't put in a stitch. Sat right down here at the computer. I missed my computer so much that it's part of the reason I'm getting little else done.

I have no idea who the woman in the mirror is. She has a bag over her head, for heaven's sake!

Morror, mirror, on the wall: why, oh why did I have to fall? I had been working out and losing weight; now a bag on my head has become my fate.


AnneS said...

Oh, you do cheer me up, Nancy - your sense of humour is contagious! I've got used to seeing that reflection in my mirror ;P Have to admit, I'd find it hard to resist stitching Snow Princess too - she's beautiful ... just adore those colours! :D

StitchCat said...

Snow Princess is so lovely, Nancy.
You know a couple of years ago, every time I looked in the mirror, I wished I had a bag to put over my head - though never overly big, I hated how I felt, how I fitted my clothes and how I thought I looked. So I told myself no matter what, I was going to lose the weight. And I did, I have. Not by dieting as such, but knocking out sugar in hot drinks and having smaller meals. Maybe turning 40 had something to do with it. I gave my 12 year old son a pair of my old mechanic overalls this morning. I tried them on too, and I couldnt believe it - there was room even with jeans on....5 years ago they were bulging without any extra clothes on. The thing that made my day was when he said...geez Mum you are so small. Sorry to rabbit on your blog Nancy, but I have known you for several years now and I know you have the grit amd the determination. It wont be long and that extra weight will come back off :)

Dianne said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. Man, you went threw hell these last few weeks. If a pint of ice cream makes you feel better, then that's all that matters. You'll be active again soon enough.
My mom has the skinny gene too-calls me and says she weighs a whooping 120-geez.

Lisa (Froggyhead) said...

Oh man, I do understand your feelings. I have been tempted to just buy bigger clothes and forget it, but I know me...then I'd have to buy bigger clothes every year. lol I know you'll get back in the groove now that you are free, free, free. :) Hang in there, baby!

(I'm Lisa, btw...nice to meet you lol)