Thursday, April 20, 2006

Taking A Good Hard Look

This was the free magazine that finally came in the mail today, formerly Stitcher's World and was rumored to be like the old BH&G Cross Stitch & Needlecrafts. It's a good thing it was free because I certainly wouldn't have paid the $5.95 cover price. There were just a few projects in it, and none I would waste my time on. I won't be subscribing. The last two issues of Just Cross Stitch have been a big disappointment too.

I think that, right now, I'm just tired of everything. My blog is a clutter of junk that needs to be weeded out and freshened up, with things switched around and made to be more reader-friendly. I'll be working on that as time allows.

I've also decided I make pitiful use of my time, for which there is no excuse, as I stay at home. I'm not happy with how little stitching I get done, and I'm getting serious and making out a structured schedule to get rid of those UFO's and WISP's. I'm tired of thinking of all the things I'd love to be stitching but feeling guilty because of all I have yet to finish. I don't want to have 100 things started and nothing to show for all that time. I'm headed there now. So I've decided to go to the original rotation plan for "no more UFO's" that I saw long ago at Shakespeare's Peddler. She has a really kewl site, and it had been a long time since I visited it. She has some really cute springy things for sale on that first page, but when you move down the page to "Articles, Archives, and More... , the 2nd list down (Learn About Stitching and Framing), see the article entitled "No More UFO's." That was my enlightenment when I first started making strides in stitching more than one project at a time when the Internet stitching world was new to me in the very late 90's. Somewhere along the line, I lost my organizational skills, and my finishes got fewer and fewer. I now have played in Excel (with DH's help) till I have perfected a spreadsheet that will help with everything I could think of to fit into a stitcher's performance record.

My stitching time the last two days was spent on a UFO, and when I get to the 10-hr. mark, I'll post progress. I wish I could finish it this round because it's really boring and takes patience getting the different greens placed right. The symbols are tiny and look alike in many places. My best friend had hers finished two years ago and is in her husband's office and framed in a special frame made just for that Hinzeit design. However, she will only stitch on aida, and her stitches are crappy---really crappy. I don't know which is worse---not getting it done or having it done and hanging on the wall looking great unless one examines it up closely. Her stitches would drive me batty. She even tells me not to look at them, lol!


StitchCat said...

The 10 hour rotation I started on has helped me immensely, I mark my progress down on a sheet made on Excel - great minds think alike. Crappy stitches bug me too.

Judith said...

Hope the 10 hour rotation will help you. It doesn't work for me. Thanks for the nice compliments on my blog.

Kim said...

I saw the same link on someone else's blog, so it must be a good article if everyone is quoting it. :D

I am one of those odd people that refuses to start a new project until I finish the one I'm working on so I don't have any UFO's. But I do understand how it can get overwhelming. Good luck w/ your new rotation schedule! :D

Chelle said...

Best wishes with your rotation plans. The key is to find something (anything!)that works and stick with it. Love your blog!

Patty said...

I really like the idea of the 10-hour rotation. I'm presently doing a 5-project rotation but I'm making very, very little progress so I might try that 10-hour idea. I found the new magazine disappointing too.