Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Little Prize Purchase Yesterday

This has been a very busy weekend which, to my disgust, has kept me from getting in much stitching, but I wouldn't have missed any of the other activities either, so there ya go.... what is one supposed to do?
Besides a a couple other little things I purchased at my LNS yesterday for other projects, this little jewel was what I went after. I fell in love with Becky's "Spring Friends" by Brittercup, and I found on their site that it was an exclusive and could only be purchased through an LNS. I called mine and had it ordered. It came in just a few days and was only $3.75, and I hate to be so cynical (yet it doesn't stop me), but I probably even got gypped at that little price, because these girls here in town have a captive audience and take advantage of it. I shouldn't even have said that though, because even if it had been $10, I would have bought it. It almost appears to be a freebie for special customers, which, for obvious reasons, would not be me, lol!

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Kim said...

Cute pattern, but I can relate about the pricing. My LNS has a similar hostage situation going on and sometimes you just have to decide whether it's worth it or not. ;)

Your other projects are looking great! The Golfing one looks like it will be so cute! :D