Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just Been Swamped...

with my brother coming here from Richmond, VA yesterday, and now my granddaughter is staying with us for a "cooling off" period. She and her daddy got into a screaming match, and my daughter asked if she could come stay with us awhile. She keeps me hopping with all her ballgames, but she's sheer joy to have around. She's really a good child when she's away from home. She's a chip off the old block (her mother during the teen years), and I can remember thinking however much I loved her mother, that was how much I disliked her too. She knew just which buttons to push, and our granddaughter, Moriah, is just like her.

She just played a game in which they totally wiped out the other team. It was 28-0. They finally called the game after five innings. We got home, and off she went on our golf cart to bring our best friends' granddaughter over here. From the sound of things upstairs, they're really having fun. I'm watching the time though, as tomorrow is a school day. Ooops, they just asked if they could go back to our friends' house. I called her grandma and said they were on the way, and if they didn't show up in a few minutes to call me. They live in the same neighborhood.

I've thought of a fun thing to do with the days I missed blogging. I'm going to take a few pix of old things I've done, and one has my initials and the date hidden and incorporated into the design. So stay tuned.

OK, I give the girls credit. They made to their destination just fine and didn't pull any funny business.

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Von said...

Parenting never really ends does it, Nancy. Glad you are able to give your granddaughter a good place to land while things simmer down.