Friday, April 21, 2006

A Dreaded UFO Now In Rotation

I'm very pleased with my progress this round, and next time it comes up, I'll be able to finish. I didn't get a pic of where I was before starting it, but the lettering and the sky were done. I spent a lot of precious time frogging because all the green you see under the sky is only one color green (there are several), and the symbols of two greens were nearly identical and very tiny, but I perservered and the one shade of green on the ground is finished, then I have a couple more greens, a pond, a sand trap, and the actual hole or "green," with the flag. Of course there are the charms, for which Hinzeit is well known, and this design had an antiqued tee box that really "makes" this a special gift for a golfer. The golfer is my husband, who must be very nice before I give this to him.


Judith said...

It is beginning to look really great Nancy, looking forward to seeing it finished next time, but when will be next time

Von said...

I hope this new organizational bent produces lots of progress on your projects, Nancy! Looks like you have a good start on it. :D

StitchCat said...

Love it...It will look fantastic when finished.